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Skunk #1

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Skunk #1 hybrid cannabis strain

Skunk #1 is a popular strain in the UK due to the media portraying it as a dangerous drug – it’s not, check out our article on skunk.

A cross between an Afghani landrace, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold resulted in the Indica-dominant strain Skunk #1, which has been bred since 1978, originating from the Netherlands.

Skunk #1 has a fairly high THC content – around 18% THC. The aroma of Skunk is very distinguishable – an extremely pungent, musky, sour-skunky smell.  Users can expect a mix of relaxing and cerebral effects accompanied with increased energy and focus.

Contrary to how the media portray Skunk, it has medical benefits which can aid in epilepsy, depression, stress, chronic pain and nausea.

Quick stats

  • Sativa/Indica - 35:65 (Indica dominant)
  • Highest expected THC % -  18%
  • Highest expected CBD % - 0.4%
  • Breeding - (Afghani landrace) x (Acapulco Gold) x (Colombian Gold)
  • Breeder - Unknown
  • Origin - California
  • Medical uses - Depression, anxiety, stress, pain, glaucoma, nausea
  • Seeds Skunk #1 feminized


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