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Purple Kush

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Purple Kush indica cannabis strain

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Purple Kush Strain Overview

With origins from Oakland, California, Purple Kush is a rare strain which will exhibit strong purple hues in its buds during flowering. This pure Indica strain contains high quantities of THC with some plants reaching 27% THC.

Containing genetics from the Hindu Kush mountains, Purple Kush has big, dense, resinous purple buds. When consumed, users will notice a subtle taste of grape combined with earthy, musky aromas.

Effects of Purple Kush are noticed very quickly, and result in a very heavy body relaxation accompanied by euphoric, deep, slow trains of thought.

Medical users of Purple Kush will benefit due to its sedative, pain-reducing properties. It will also combat stress, insomnia, depression and nausea.

Stats of The Purple Kush Strain

  • Sativa/Indica – 0:100 (Pure Indica)
  • Highest expected THC % –  27%
  • Highest expected CBD % – 0.1%
  • Breeding – (Purple Afghani) x (Hindu Kush)
  • Breeder – Unknown
  • Origin – California
  • Medical uses – Pain, insomnia, stress, depression, nausea
  • Seeds – Purple Bud feminized

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