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OG Kush

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OG Kush Strain Overview

The origins of this extremely popular strain are still relatively unknown, although some believe it to be a phenotype of Hindu Kush. Either way, it has been one of the primary building blocks of many other strains.

Widely available throughout the West coast of America, the aroma of OG Kush has earthy hints of pine, wood, lemon and lime. The appearance of OG Kush is distinguishable from it’s yellowy-green sugar leafs, orange pistils and trichome-rich buds.

After consuming OG Kush, you can expect a sudden cerebral rush followed by a mild couch-lock effect, all accompanied by an uplifting, relaxing feeling

Stats of The OG Kush Strain

  • Sativa/Indica – 55:45 (Sativa dominant)
  • Highest expected THC % –  27%
  • Highest expected CBD % – 0.5%
  • Breeding – Phenotype of Hindu Kush
  • Breeder – Unknown
  • Origin – California
  • Medical uses – Depression, anxiety, lack of appetite, pain, nausea
  • Seeds – OG Kush feminized

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