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Glueberry OG

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Glueberry OG Strain Overview

Developed by Dutch Passion of the Netherlands, Glueberry OG has genetics of Gorilla Glue, OG Kush and Blueberry which result in a strain containing around 20% THC.

The aromas of Glueberry OG resemble that of it’s parents – hints of sweet berries will be present during the flowering stage of this strain.


An experienced grower may get their Glueberry OG to reach heights of up to 2m and produce around 8oz of buds per plant.

Users of Glueberry OG have reported it to be effective in relieving stress, insomnia, nausea and chronic pain.


Stats of The Glueberry OG Strain

  • Sativa/Indica – 50:50
  • Highest expected THC % –  20%
  • Highest expected CBD % – -%
  • Breeding – (Gorilla glue) x (OG Kush) x (Blueberry)
  • Breeder – Dutch Passion
  • Origin – Netherlands
  • Medical uses – Stress, insomnia, nausea, pain
  • Seeds – Glueberry OG

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