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Gelato hybrid cannabis strain

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Gelato Strain Overview

Bred by Cookie Fam Genetics of California, Gelato is an Indica-leaning cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC.

During flowering, the dense buds of Gelato exhibit orange hairs and buds may turn purple. Once dried and cured, Gelato will test up to 27% THC and have aromas of citrus, mint, sherbet and berries.

The resinous buds of Gelato produce strong euphoria and body relaxation accompanied by mildly stimulating cerebral effects, which make it usable during the daytime or evening.

Those new to cannabis should be cautious when consuming Gelato – users with a low tolerance may feel overwhelmed by the power of Gelato.

Stats of The Gelato Strain

  • Sativa/Indica – 45:55 (Indica dominant)
  • Highest expected THC % –  27%
  • Highest expected CBD % – 0.16%
  • Breeding – (Sunset Sherbet) x (Thin Mint GSC)
  • Breeder – Cookie Fam Genetics
  • Origin – California
  • Medical uses – Chronic pain, headaches, PTSD, stress, depression, ADHD, nausea, inflammation
  • Seeds – Gelato

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