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G13 Strain Overview

The Indica-dominant strain G-13 is subject to various conspiracies regarding its origins. Some believe that the CIA or FBI gathered the strongest Indica strains and bred them into G-13.

G-13 first appeared in the 1960s in the USA and contains around 24% THC. G-13 consists of a fruity undertone accompanied with a pungent, citrus aroma.

The effects of G-13 will make users feel a strong body relaxation and possible couch-lock. If you are lucky, you may have a period of motivation and energy before the couch-lock hits.

Stats of The G13 Strain

  • Sativa/Indica – 30:70 (Indica Dominant)
  • Highest expected THC % –  24%
  • Highest expected CBD % – 1%
  • Breeding – Pure landrace
  • Breeder – CIA or FBI (These are only claims)
  • Origin – Mississippy
  • Medical uses – Depression, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite, pain
  • Seeds – G13 haze feminized

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