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Will legalizing cannabis cause 100,000 young addicts?

The Telegraph recently published an article stating that the legalization of cannabis would cause 100,000 users under the age of 25 to become addicted. This seems to be the final gasps of air from anti-cannabis propaganda.

If you believe these anti-cannabis articles and misconceptions, you need to stop being so ignorant to the truth. 

Legalization would lead to an extra 1 million people using cannabis

Why is this a problem? Cannabis is NOT a harmful substance. There are negligible health risks associated with the use of cannabis, yet there are a vast number of health benefits.

A study by the Journal of Neuroscience has found that daily use of cannabis does not cause harmful neurological changes in the brain. Other studies have also proven that daily cannabis does not affect lung health either.

Even if an extra 1 million people using cannabis do start consuming cannabis, there is literally nothing bad that will happen. Government will collect a high amount of tax, hundreds of thousands of people will benefit from a natural medicine and millions of people will be able to relax without damaging their livers from alcohol.

Those extra 1 million users will not be consuming anything dangerous. It’s not seen as dangerous that millions of students attend university and partake in heavy drinking. Yet 1 million people trying a natural plant, which has negligible negative side effects, is seen as extremely dangerous.

Cannabis use links to mental health problems

This misconception of cannabis use linking to mental health problems is SURELY not still believable?

Yes, it’s true that high THC cannabis may not benefit a person with anxiety or paranoia. However they would benefit from cannabis strains that are high in CBD. It has been proven that CBD improves the symptoms of anxiety, paranoia and depression.

As for the old misconception that cannabis use causes schizophrenia, there are a number of studies which have proven that statement to be incorrect.

First off, people are born with schizophrenia in their genes. Studies show that schizophrenics are likely to use cannabis to self medicate their condition. If the person has undiagnosed schizophrenia and is using cannabis, their symptoms may worsen. However, a person that does not have schizophrenic genes will not develop schizophrenia from consuming cannabis.

Studies have actually found cannabis strains high in CBD are effective in treating the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Skunk and mental health problems

Skunk is just a strain high in THC. It is not a super strength mental illness causing drug as many people view it. There is simply no evidence suggesting that strains high in THC cause mental health damage.

High CBD strains risks "on-boarding" more users

Again, similar to the first point, is it really a bad thing if more people want to try a natural plant that has negligible harmful effects? There is no evidence to suggest that strains high in CBD will encourage more frequent use. The World Health Organisation has stated that there is no risk to health or of abuse regarding the use of CBD.

Compare it to the alcohol industry. The government are happy to allow TV advertisements encouraging you to purchase a new whiskey or new wine, even though alcohol abuse is a major concern in the UK. Alcohol abuse causes over 7000 deaths in the UK, every year! Cannabis use has never killed anyone. It is physically impossible to overdose on cannabis.

Cannabis is addictive

What about coffee, alcohol and tobacco? These three legal drugs are addictive..and yes, if you didn’t already know, coffee is a drug. We’ll just point out too that coffee is consumed daily by vast numbers of people, and is 100% more dangerous than cannabis.

Cannabis that is high in CBD is used to treat addictions, so it seems counter-intuitive that it would be an addictive substance

People could (it is not up to chance, it depends on a persons personality and how disciplined they are) develop a cannabis dependence, but this is not the same as addiction. A cannabis dependence is extremely easy to stop, it’s more like a habit than a dependence.

Any people who are at risk of developing a dependence should be well informed of the minor risks associated with cannabis use, instead of trying to scare them with false facts like it will cause schizophrenia.

Millions of people missing out on a natural medicine

There are people who are currently blocked from using an extremely valuable medication, just because of the worry that a small number of people will abuse cannabis. For some, cannabis is a lifeline, not just them wanting to get high. 

Why should millions of people miss out on the vast number of benefits from cannabis when they outweigh those who will abuse cannabis by at least 10000:1?

1/3 of users will consume cannabis more frequently after legalization

Again, this point has no backing, and is just hindering legalization.  To us this seems like a good point. For one, more taxes will be collected in sales which could then be spent by the government in areas that are under-funded.

Secondly, we believe a vast number of people will increase cannabis use but at the same time reduce tobacco use. This is an extremely good reason to legalize cannabis. Tobacco use in the UK is far too high, costing the NHS millions. Reducing tobacco use with a natural plant that also reverse the damages of tobacco seems to us like a good thing? Well, maybe not to the tobacco companies.

Since cannabis has negligible harmful effects, it seems like a good idea to legalize, as it is predicted there will be a reduction in people binge drinking alcohol, and there is a very high number of people in the UK over-consuming alcohol.

Underage users will be "sucked into mayhem"

This point is absolute nonsense. Canada have seen a decrease in underage consumption since legalization, so too have the USA.

A legal system would make it far harder for underage users to obtain cannabis, yet an illegal dealer won’t ask them for I.D.

So what evidence for underage cannabis use increasing do large media companies have again? Oh yeah, none!

Home grows require strict policing

Had to chuckle when I read this part of the Telegraph’s article. What is so bad about “home grows” that the big media companies seem to think will need policing? You don’t see hobby beer brewers getting raided by police for brewing and consuming their own beer! Obviously, home grown cannabis won’t be sold in the high street shops if it has not been regulated and licensed..

Canada as an experiment

It was said in the House of Commons that Canada’s cannabis laws are a big experiment which is incredibly damaging and harmful on the Canadian population. Have MPs forgotten that cannabis has been used for thousands and thousands of years?

There is ample evidence available now pointing to the fact that cannabis is not as harmful as the media made it out to be in the past. 


Basically, stop believe the nonsense that large media articles are blurting out, which are sponsored by big pharma, tobacco, alcohol, textiles and paper industries. These industries are predicted to collectively loose billions of pounds post cannabis legalization. You can see why they are pushing to restrict legalization.

Cannabis is not addictive and will not cause schizophrenia, but it will treat millions of people, naturally, with negligible side-effects.

The USA and Canada have not seen a surge in people consuming cannabis, nor have they seen a rise in “cannabis addiction”.


Don’t you think it’s about time the government wake up and see the truth about cannabis use?

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