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Why recreational cannabis will benefit the UK

The current cannabis system only profits a small number of people. The government need to rethink their “medical cannabis” policy ASAP. The new laws have not changed the availability of cannabis for hundreds of thousands of people who require it medically in the UK.

Since the laws changed on November the 1st, only two(!) people have been given access to medical cannabis prescriptions.

Not only are the current cannabis laws restricting medical access, it’s also costing the UK taxpayer to keep cannabis illegal.

Below, we highlight a few points on how a legal cannabis market would benefit the UK.

Easier medical access

Since only two people have gained access to medical cannabis prescriptions since the law changed, it’s obviously extremely hard, if not near impossible, to gain a medical cannabis prescription.

Under a legal market, all the people currently suffering without medical cannabis will have much easier access to medical grade cannabis. Doctors will be less reluctant to provide prescriptions and will be knowledgeable on the benefits of cannabis use as a medicine.

If the UK system were similar to American or Canadian cannabis policies, UK residents would be able to grow their own medical cannabis, thus reducing the cost of NHS spending on pharmaceutical and/or cannabis prescriptions.

Simpler medical cannabis access

Tax income

It has been estimated that legalizing cannabis in the UK could provide the government with upwards of £3.5 billion. The tax income from cannabis sales could provide funding for:

  • Increasing funding to the NHS
  • More funding for schools
  • Road/street repairs
  • Helping the homeless

The above points are only a few of the possibilities the cannabis tax income could be used for; The tax would also be available for use on all other areas which are lacking funding in the UK.

Less money spent by the NHS

It is expected that a large proportion of medical cannabis users will grow their own cannabis. The NHS will therefore pay substantially less to pharmaceutical firms as medical cannabis can replace the need for a wide variety of pharmaceutical drugs. In this article we list 31 medical uses of cannabis.

The legalisation of cannabis should also eradicate the synthetic cannabis market. This will in turn reduce the number of people attending the emergency room after consuming spice (synthetic cannabis).

Cannabis has shown promise in treating certain cancers. This will reduce the money spent by the NHS on expensive cancer treatments.

Safer communities

Most neighborhoods should become safer when cannabis is legalized. Police currently spend far too much time investigating cannabis activity. With a legal cannabis market, police forces will have much more time and power available for preventing serious crimes.

Safer communities legal cannabis

More jobs

A legal cannabis market would open up a whole new area of jobs. We’ll just name a few (there are many other jobs which would also become available):

  • Cultivator
  • Bud tender
  • Harvester
  • Quality control
  • Extractor
  • Writer
  • Marketing
  • Store operator

Reduced underage use

Illegal cannabis is extremely easy for underage users to obtain – dealers don’t ask for I.D.

A legal cannabis market would be similar to how alcohol is sold. It would be much harder to obtain cannabis underage unless you had a valid I.D. and were old enough to purchase cannabis. Simple.

Safer for consumers

A legal cannabis market would of course be regulated. Currently, you cannot be sure that cannabis purchased from the black market has not been sprayed with any harmful chemicals. Legal cannabis would be much cleaner.

Along with “cleaner” cannabis, users purchasing cannabis would also have guidelines on the product i.e. How much to consume, how often, etc. This would reduce the number of people consuming too much in edibles (or from smoking) and ending up in the emergency room with extreme paranoia.

Guidelines for use would also be beneficial to users suffering with depression who use cannabis; Cannabis can relieve the symptoms of depression, however over-consumption can exasperate the symptoms of depression.

The majority of street cannabis in the UK is potent, high THC cannabis. Although highly potent cannabis does not cause psychotic symptoms, it is not ideal for users suffering from depression or anxiety. Legalisation would increase the availability of medical cannabis strains grown for anxiety and depression.

Safe cannabis legal uk

Reduced crime rate

Legalizing cannabis would see a decrease in crime rates. This is not due to police spending more time investigating other serious crime –  It could be due to the fact cannabis relaxes people, unlike alcohol, which is the cause of a high number of antisocial behavior and criminal arrests.

Less money spent by the taxpayer

To us, jailing cannabis users and growers seems completely immoral and pointless, especially when the user is consuming/growing cannabis for medical purposes. A natural plant should NOT be illegal!… it’s a plant! 

Housing prisoners in the UK costs over £35,000 a year, per inmate. When people are jailed for smoking or growing a plant, it’s the UK taxpayers that have to foot the bill. 

Better understanding of cannabis

A legal cannabis market will reduce stereotyping and false claims, such as excessive cannabis consumption causes schizophrenia. (It doesn’t!)

A large proportion of the UK population still frown upon the recreational use of cannabis. Why is it any different to having a beer or glass of wine to relax? 

Once legalised, cannabis will (hopefully) be more widely accepted.


To conclude, legalizing cannabis would benefit the following:

  • Easier medical access for patients
  • Tax income upwards of £3.5 billion per year
  • NHS spending reduced
  • Safer communities
  • More jobs
  • Less underage use
  • Safer for consumers
  • Reduced crime rate
  • Less money spent by UK taxpayers
  • Better understanding of cannabis

It is apparent that prohibiting cannabis use does much more harm than it does good. Does keeping cannabis illegal even do anything good for the population?

Let us know in the comments below if you can think of any other ways in which the UK would benefit from a legal cannabis market.

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