One of the first UK medical cannabis prescriptions

One of the first UK medical cannabis prescriptions

Not much has changed since the new medical cannabis laws came into force on the 1st of November 2018. A high number of patients are still in need of long-awaited cannabis prescriptions. Even children with severe epilepsy are still struggling to obtain a medical marijuana prescription.

A Reddit user seems to be one of the first patients in the UK to obtain a medical cannabis prescription, which was issued on the 7th of November.

The patient suffers from Degenerative Disk Disease and herniated spinal discs, underwent surgery around two years ago. Initially the patient was prescribed pharmaceutical medications for pain relief.

The medical cannabis prescription was not obtained through the NHS, but through a private surgeon who previously operated on the patient. The surgeon performed a physical examination and noted that the patient had been through “everything possible” and sent them for an MRI scan before issuing a prescription of Bedrocan.

Bedrocan are a producer of legal medical cannabis that serve the Netherlands among 8 other countries with medical grade cannabis flowers.

Instead of waiting for the NHS to source the prescription of medical cannabis, the patient decided to take all necessary documents to Amsterdam to purchase the cannabis. Upon re-entry to the UK, the patient said they were not confronted by customs.

Under the new laws, providing a patient has a prescription, they can legally import Bedrocan cannabis products into the UK.

The full Reddit thread can be found here.

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