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Legal recreational cannabis coming soon for the UK?

Finally, a turning point

The 1st of November 2018 was a major turning point in the campaigning of UK Cannabis for recreational use. The home secretary announced that regulations would be in place for cannabis-derived medicinal products, which would allow clinicians to prescribe cannabis products from the 1st of November.

The "war" on drugs continues

The “war” on drugs is still failing everyone. Since Theresa May is against cannabis use, it seems likely there won’t be any further changes  to medical and recreational cannabis regulations in the near future.

Not only are hundreds of thousands of patients missing out on a natural medicine; people are being fined and sometimes jailed for consuming a natural plant. It is then the taxpayer who has to foot the bill for police time to investigate and jail “criminals”.

It's not enough..

Although the recent news of cannabis-based medical products seemed like a big step forward, in reality, not much has changed. Only patients who have exhausted other medications without any improvements to their conditions will be prescribed cannabis-derived medication. This leaves hundreds of thousands of people suffering without the ability to use cannabis.

More must be done by the government.

There’s now a blurred, grey area. How are police forces going to know to if a person using cannabis has been prescribed the cannabis or are using it illegally?

There are 6 police crime commissioners who have made it clear they are for the legalization of recreational cannabis use. Which makes sense – police are wasting valuable time chasing down people consuming cannabis peacefully while severe crimes go on in the background.

33 other PPCs across the country have also said they do not believe criminalisation over cannabis was necessary.

A United Patients Alliance study has suggested that 76% of the British public would prefer cannabis-based medicines than their current medicines.

Around 65% of Britons also support full legalization of cannabis.

Cannabis medical uk

Government issues

Are the majority of the government living under a rock? Have they not seen what’s been going on across the ocean in America and Canada?

In a speech in October, stating doctors would be able to prescribe cannabis-derived medicine from the 1st of November, Sajid Javid also said:

“I have been consistently clear that I have no intention of legalising the recreational use of cannabis. To take account of the particular risk of misuse of cannabis by smoking and the operational impacts on enforcement agencies, the 2018 regulations continue to prohibit smoking of cannabis, including of cannabis-based products for medicinal use in humans.”

The NHS prescription guidelines also state that “Very few people are likely to get a prescription for medical cannabis”. 

Or maybe the government are just puppets for the higher powers from the big pharmacy, tobacco and alcohol companies who are quivering in the wake of a regulated cannabis market?

Legalization concerns

More and more people are becoming aware that the links between cannabis use and psychosis are false. There’s ample evidence online stating that there is no link between the two. CBD, a chemical found in cannabis and hemp is in fact thought to help the effects of psychotic tendencies.

Parents are worried that a regulated market would increase the availability of cannabis to youngsters. However with the current system, it is far easier for a youngster to obtain cannabis than if it were a legal, regulated market.

Many people have distorted views of cannabis use due to being taught false information through big pharma, alcohol and tobacco sponsored media articles and scientific studies. We discuss the common misconceptions of cannabis use in this article.

Going forward

It seems there is still a way to go before we have a regulated cannabis market in Britain. Although, some MP’s are trying to push for recreational use, with around 75% being in favour of a change in the current cannabis policy.

The economic benefits of a regulated cannabis market would be substantial for the whole of the UK. It is estimated cannabis sales tax alone would bring in around £1 billion per year. However, estimates for the Canadian cannabis market before legalization were under-estimated. So the UK could be making far over £1 billion a year on cannabis sales tax.

Regarding the current medical cannabis prescriptions, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) have 11 months left to produce full guidelines for medical cannabis prescriptions. This may seem like a long way away, but in the grand scheme of UK cannabis legalization, this is fairly good news.

Patients seeking legal prescribed cannabis will have trouble finding doctors who are licensed and trained for cannabis prescriptions. Currently there is not sufficient doctors in the UK who have knowledge of cannabis use as a medicine. Some doctors have even said they will not be prescribing cannabis.

If you still aren’t able to get a prescription for medical cannabis and are looking at growing your own but don’t know where to start; Get in contact with your local Cannabis club. These clubs are orientated to provide safe environments for people to consume and learn about cannabis. 

The fight for cannabis reform is definitely not yet over. Even though we are years behind the US and Canada, at least we’re going in the right direction

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