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Californian cannabis activist warns UK to relax cannabis laws

Dr Frank D’Ambrosio, a Californian medical cannabis activist, met with MPs in Westminster on Wednesday evening to warn the Home Secretary that medical cannabis laws should be relaxed.

D’Ambrosio fears the UK is going to left behind if it does not embrace the green rush, as the government is currently missing out and ignoring the true benefits of medical cannabis.

Currently, UK doctors are disregarding the medical uses of cannabis, and only prescribing cannabis to patients as a last resort when all other medications have been exhausted.

There are still a vast number of people in the UK who have yet to been given a long awaited cannabis prescription, even since the laws changed on the 1st of November.

Big pharmaceutical companies in the UK seem to currently be 
blocking the route to further medical and recreational cannabis legalisation.  

California has been way ahead in the legalisation of cannabis. Over 20 years ago, in 1996, California legalised cannabis for medical use and further legalised for recreational use in 2016.

cannabis laws

Californians are legally allowed to grow up to 6 plants per person and carry up to an ounce of cannabis in person. This allows people to self medicate at home, for a much cheaper price than paying for pharmaceutical medicines.

During a meeting with the World Health Organisation, D’Ambrosio gave evidence where over 10,000 Californian patients who were being prescribed opioids were successfully prescribed cannabis instead.

Cannabis is known to have virtually no side effects, which is amazing considering that it is reducing the
opioid epidemic in the USA.

When warning the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, D’Ambrosio

“I urge you now to adopt an interim licensing regime that lets patients to the same life enhancing drugs that are available in the USA, Holland and 35 other countries.”

However, Sajid Javid has consistently made it clear that the government does not plan on decriminalizing recreational cannabis any time soon.

The UK is often seen as a leading nation in many areas, however in legalising cannabis, the UK is way behind already. There are already 37 countries who have legalised cannabis for full medical use.

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