Jersey medical cannabis

All Jersey GPs to prescribe cannabis by February 2019

Inhabitants of Jersey have been able to obtain free prescriptions of Sativex, a cannabis derived medication, since January 2018

Politicians have now voted to change the law to allow all GPs in Jersey to prescribe cannabis from February 2019. The change came after Deputy Montfort Tadier proposed the move.

Jersey are now leaving mainland UK behind, where only specialist doctors are able to prescribe cannabis-derived medications.

Professor Mike Barnes, who is known to be a medical cannabis activist, is concerned at the fact the UK mainland is still far behind other G20 countries.

Professor Barnes said:

“I cannot see a logic in restricting prescriptions to hospital consultants,”

It seems although residents of Jersey will still have to go through a GP to obtain medical cannabis; there has not been any indication whether they will be allowed to grow their own medical cannabis at home.

Jersey are a step further than mainland UK in medical cannabis reform. Their new laws, which come into force by the 28th of February 2019, allow GPs to prescribe actual cannabis, along with cannabis derived medications such as epidiolex, nabilone and sativex. Whereas in mainland UK, only specialist consultants are able to prescribe cannabis-derived medicines, not actual cannabis.

Deputy Montfort Tadier said on the matter: “We seem to have a states assembly that’s relatively open minded…it’s a positive step for the island and it means we’re leading the way in the British Isles on this subject.”

If only mainland UK politicians were more open minded!

SO…. who’s now thinking on moving to Jersey?


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