CBD Oil For Golf & Golfers

Golf is not a contact sport, but it’s common for golfers to deal with injury nonetheless. Sports medicine doctors often see golfers for injuries caused by: traumatic force to the body from a poorly executed swing poor swing mechanics (including over-swinging) failure to warm up muscles properly rotational stresses placed on the spine incorrect grip […]

Why Cannabis is a Viable Solution to the Problems of Chronic Pain

We’ll start by pointing out that research behind cannabis and relief from chronic conditions is still ongoing. However, there are a vast number of individuals across the globe who successfully manage their medical conditions and chronic pain through the use of cannabis, that it’s worth continuing the conversation.   While cannabis has not yet been […]

Legal UK cannabis farm given planning permission for 7.5acre facility

hemp plant

Based in London, Sativa Investments who currently run a cannabis testing facility, have been given planning permission to construct a 7.5 acre cannabis farm in an undisclosed location in Wiltshire. Last year, Sativa Investments were growing around 10 acres of industrial hemp after being provided a Home Office license. However the 10 acres of hemp was […]

The endocannabinoid system

Cannabis and the endocannabinoid system featured image

Intro/Background You may have heard a person mention the endocannabinoid system (ECS) or have seen it mentioned in an article, but what does it mean? Some believe that the ECS exists only to process phytocannabinoids (THC, CBD etc) due to containing the word “cannabinoid”, however, your body produces natural cannabinoids on a daily basis – […]

Short and long term side-effects of cannabis

Short and long term featured image

Many people new to cannabis worry about the negative long term side-effects which might occur, which is why we at Herbal Bubble aim to provide you with a two sided view on cannabis – benefits and risks. The potential harmful effects of cannabis should not be completely ignored.  This article is not intended to scare […]

Ireland looks to grow medical cannabis in 2019

Ireland medical cannabis

Irish health minister supports plans to allow Irish farmers to grow medical cannabis Nearly two years ago, the Irish Health Minister, Simon Harris, announced plans to establish a medical cannabis scheme in Ireland which would grant patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, nausea caused by chemotherapy and severe drug-resistant epilepsy access to medical cannabis. Due to […]

Cannabis for anxiety

Cannabis anxiety

Although there is some scientific research behind cannabis use for anxiety, currently the majority of evidence is only from people who have successfully self-medicated with cannabis for anxiety.  However, that does not mean that cannabis is not effective for treating anxiety: Thousands, if not millions, of people have successfully treated their anxiety with cannabis. Not […]

Is Skunk cannabis dangerous?

Skunk cannabis

You may have read articles online that depict skunk as a dangerous, ultra-strong and highly potent strain of cannabis which causes psychosis and schizophrenia.   Is that true? In this article we explain the truth of what skunk cannabis really is and if it is dangerous strain of cannabis. Skunk Origins True skunk cannabis originates from the […]

Where to buy UK CBD buds, vape oils and more

Where to buy CBD flowers, vape oils and more

Content What is CBD? CBD legality UK Where to buy CBD Buds/CBD flowers Where to buy CBD vape oil Where to buy CBD skincare/healthcare products Where to buy CBD creams and soaps Where to buy CBD pet treats What is CBD? CBD is shorthand for Cannabidiol and is one of over one hundred cannabinoids found in […]

CBD hemp buds, flowers, oils: Are they legal?

CBD buds, are they legal?

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the legality of CBD hemp buds in the UK. Websites such as Clear state that hemp flowers are completely illegal, yet there are vast numbers of hemp products for sale online and in high street shops. Content What are CBD flowers/CBD buds? Why are people using hemp buds […]