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Sativa, Indica & Hybrid: What’s the difference?

Are you wondering what the differences between Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis plants are? If so, read on to understand the basics between the three.

Structure of cannabis plants

Sativa plants grow tall with skinny leaves. Sativas’ thrive in warm climates such as South America, Mexico, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

marijuana sativa leaf
General Sativa leaf shape

Indica plants are shorter than Sativas’. The Indica plant leaves are broad and more full-figured. Indica plants are tollerant to cool and cold weather. For protection from the colder environment, Indica plants  have evolved to produce denser more resinous buds compared to Sativa plants.

marijuana indica leaf
General Indica leaf shape

Hybrid cannabis plants are a cross between sativa and indica plants. Most strains of cannabis available today are Hybrids and can be either Indica or Sativa dominant. 

The experience from a Hybrid strain depends on whether the strain is Sativa or Indica dominant. A Hybrid strain will exhibit qualities from it’s parent plants.  

Effects of Sativa and Indica

It’s rare to find a completely pure Sativa or Indica strain. Many years of crossbreeding has produced a wide range of Hybrid cannabis plants. The real pure strains are landraces. These were naturally growing, stable cannabis plants. Most landrace strains are named after the region they were discovered in. For example, Afghani landraces are native to Afghanistan.  

Strains listed under the Sativa or Indica categories on our website may not be 100% pure Sativa or Indica, but they exhibit strong Sativa/Indica properties.

Sativa dominant strains effects

Sativa dominant strains will generally provide a user with an energized, uplifted, thoughtful, focused and euphoric cerebral high. It is advised to use Sativa dominant strains during the daytime.

Medical strains that are Sativa dominant have qualities which treat anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue and the inability to focus.

Indica dominant strains effects

Indica dominant strains generally provide a deep body high. The high from Indica dominant strains are likely to produce a sedative “couch-lock” effect and the munchies. These strains are best used for evening/night time use.

Indica dominant strains produce medical effects which help with; mental relaxation, muscle relaxation, nausea, pain, lack of appetite and insomnia.

Hybrid strains effects

As Hybrid strains are a genetic combination of Sativa and Indica, they exhibit recreational effects which contain aspects of their parent plants. The same is also true for the medical effects. Due to the combination of plant genetics, Hybrid strains are able to be tailored to specific conditions and symptoms.

Medical properties of cannabis

There are a set of people believe that cannabis does not have any medical benefits and should remain illegal.

Under this set of people, there are groups of people who are extremely skeptical that cannabis can treat so many conditions. They believe cannabis marketers are making up facts that it can treat a vast number of conditions.

However, cannabis has been proven to treat an extremely vast number of conditions. The reason cannabis contains so many medical properties is down to the endocannabinoid system, which controls virtually every process in the human body.

THC/CBD content

Many people believe that they’ll experience the same effects from all Sativa dominant plants and the same effects from all Indica dominant plants. This is partially incorrect as the TCH/CBD content of each strain plays a large part in how it effects the user. It should also be noted, a user may not experience the same effects from a certain strain as another user as effects will vary depending on the users weight and age, frequency of consumption, how the plant was grown and set/setting.

Which has the highest THC content, Sativa or Indica?

Contrary to what many believe, Sativa strains don’t contain a higher content of THC/CBD than Indica strains, and Indica strains don’t contain higher THC/CBD content than Sativa.

The THC and CBD content of cannabis plants depend on the genetics of the strain and growing times and conditions such as indoor/outdoor grown, nutrients, light cycles and so on. 

Which strains of cannabis do you prefer? Ones with high THC & low CBD, low THC & high CBD or a balance of both? Let us know in the comments below!

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