how safe is cannabis use

How safe is cannabis use?

Since records began, there have been no deaths attributed to cannabis use. Yes, you read that right, NONE.

In this article you will find; 

  1. How much cannabis will cause an overdose
  2. Figures of Cannabis Vs 6 other causes of death
  3. A final word on cannabis hospitalization
  4. Why 25,000+ people per year are not hospitalized due to UK skunk cannabis


First off, it is physically impossible to overdose from cannabis use. This blog concluded that a person would have to consume 1500 Pounds (680kg) of cannabis in no more than 15 minutes to overdose. To put that into perspective; The image below has been taken from a Local Press Co report showing a 500kg seizure of cannabis in Mumbai. 

Do you think someone could physically get through all of the above cannabis + another 180kg in less than 15 minutes?

Cannabis Vs..


Even water is more dangerous than cannabis, and not from drowning in an ocean, lake or swimming pool. Simply drinking too much water is fatal

One of the most popular drugs across the globe; coffee, is also more dangerous than cannabis.  Although deaths from overdosing on caffeine are rare, the numbers of people hospitalized from caffeine consumption are fairly high. In 2011, 20,783 people were admitted to the emergency room due to excessive caffeine consumption

Below are 6 figures to show you how safe cannabis really is.

Annual casualties caused by paracetamol (UK)

Paracetamol v cannabis

One of the most commonly used pain medications in the UK, paracetamol, is responsible for around 200 deaths per year. These could be due to purposefully taking too many, or simply accidently taking too many.

Paracetamol is not considered a “dangerous drug”, whereas cannabis is. However the figures just go to show which one is the most dangerous. Referring to the numbers at the start of this article, it is definitely much more likely a person will overdose on paracetamol than cannabis.

Annual casualties caused by falling out of bed (USA)

bed v cannabis

Another bizarre cause of death, falling out of bed kills around 450 people in the USA every year. Although the figures don’t define the average age of people dying by falling out of bed, it is more likely you’ll die from falling out of bed than consuming cannabis.

Annual casualties caused by driving accidents (UK)

Driving v cannabis

With a big jump up in annual casualties from falling out of bed, driving accidents kill around 1700 people in the UK every year. So just remember, you’re more likely to have a fatal car accident than die from consuming cannabis.

Annual casualties caused by alcohol (UK)

alcohol v cannabis

Alcohol, another popular relaxation drug, which from the figures suggests it is also over-consumed, is the cause of over 7000 deaths every year within the UK. One would not think that their pint of beer or glass wine is dangerous, however when consumed excessively, alcohol is fatal. Alcohol is in fact a poison. If you drink alcohol and claim that cannabis is dangerous, please think again.

Annual casualties caused by obesity (UK)

obesity v cannabis

The annual deaths caused by obesity in the UK are pretty astounding, 30,000 people EVERY YEAR. Simply put, over consuming fatty/junk food is far more dangerous than cannabis. Need I say more?

Annual casualties caused by tobacco (UK)

Last on the list is tobacco use, which in the UK alone kills around 80,000 people a year. While it is a person’s personal choice if they want to smoke tobacco, it contains over 100 carcinogenic chemicals, including cadmium, mercury and benzopyrene. Tobacco remains legal largely due to the fact it brings in around £12 billion a year in taxes. However why cannabis remains illegal is beyond me, it is non-addictive and does not cause cancer like tobacco does. In fact it can cure cancer.

A final word on cannabis use and hospitalization

It must be said, if you’re a first time cannabis user and you go to the emergency room when you’re high, you’re wasting the NHS’s time and money. You will not die or have a heart attack, nor will you go insane or be sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Before consuming the cannabis, ensure that it is actually cannabis and not spice. If you feel too high or extremely paranoid, just drink or eat something with a high sugar content, relax with some music or have a nap. The high will pass within around an hour.

In the Daily Mail’s article which the figure of 25,000+ people was taken from, says that the hospitalizations are due to “skunk weed”. This is also incorrect. Skunk is simply a strain of cannabis which has a high THC content and will not yield any negative effects.

If you’re a first time cannabis user, we strongly advise you to smoke or vape the cannabis, and start slow. Don’t have a whole joint in one go, one small pull and waiting a few minutes will do. An edible is a completely different and much stronger experience. 


Just remember, cannabis will not kill you nor will you be able to overdose from it, even if you’ve eaten a huge quantity in an edible. You may feel extremely high, but you will return to a normal state when the high wears off. Mind over matter!

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