33 medical cannabis uses

31 proven uses of Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis benefits

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years medically and recreationally. Why in this modern world we have criminalized the use of a natural plant with amazing medical properties is madness.

Cannabis has a large number of proven medical uses that produce minimal side effects, yet the UK government prefer paying big pharmaceutical companies millions for lab-made drugs that produce negative side effects, and in some cases aren’t as effective as cannabis.

If medical cannabis patients in the UK were allowed to grow their own cannabis at home, it would save the government a vast amount of money which is spent on the NHS, that could then be spent elsewhere.

31 Known benefits of Medical Cannabis

If you are skeptical about the medical uses of cannabis, there are many documents and studies which can be found online. You can also have a look at these patents owned by GW Pharmaceuticals which list scientifically tested medical benefits of cannabis.

Many people believe the medical benefits of cannabis are only anecdotal. However, the proof that cannabis contains therapeutic properties which treat a vast range of diseases and conditions is due to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

The ECS controls levels of temperature, water, nutrients, blood flow, heart rate, neurological function and immune system responses. Cannabinoids contained in cannabis have a high affinity for receptors of the ECS which in turn activates the ECS.

Below is a list of 31 known medical uses of cannabis. It is not “one fits all” when it comes to cannabis and medicine. There are hundreds of different strains of cannabis which all produce varying effects.

  1. Slows and stops cancer cells: Researchers from California Pacific Medical Center reported CBD could prevent cancer from spreading.


  2. Controls epilepsy: One of GW Pharmaceuticals most popular products is used to treat and reduce epileptic seizures.
  3. Eases pain from Multiple Sclerosis: Cannabis use in patients with MS report reduced muscle pain and spasms.
  4. Reduces tremors from Parkinson’s: Patients with Parkinson’s disease report reduction in pain and tremors. This reduction in pain and tremors improves sleep quality. Research has shown an improvement in motor skills in patients with Parkinson’s.
  5. Decreases symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties. This greatly improves patients symptoms of Crohn’s disease.


  6. Reduces pain and nausea from chemotherapy: Patients who have undergone chemotherapy treatments report symptoms of pain and nausea. Cannabis combats both pain and nausea from chemo.
  7. Prevents Alzheimer’s: Cannabis use prevents toxic plaque accumulation caused by Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. Opioid and other serious addictions: Research into addictions suggests that cannabis use is an effective remedy for treating patients with serious drug addictions.
  9. Treatment for PTSD: Cannabis use in patients with PTSD dramatically improves their condition.
  10. Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Patients with IBS benefit from the use of cannabis. It does not completely cure patients with IBS, however it greatly reduces symptoms.
  11. Protects the brain after a stroke, concussion and trauma: Cannabis is effective in relieving the symptoms of a stroke, concussion and other brain trauma.
  12. Improves symptoms of Lupus: Cannabis use is effective in suppressing parts of the immune system which cause Lupus. Cannabis is also effective for other autoimmune disorders.
  13. Decreases anxiety: Strains of cannabis with low THC and high CBD content are shown to be effective in reducing anxiety. Patients must be careful they do not ingest high THC, low CBD cannabis as this will worsen anxiety.
  14. Increases effectiveness of Hepatitis C treatment: The use of cannabis along with usual Hep-C medication will increase the effectiveness of the treatment.
  15. Relieves arthritis: The anti-inflammatory and pain reduction properties of cannabis are ideal for patients with arthritis.
  16. Treats Glaucoma: Glaucoma symptoms are reduced when using cannabis. Intraocular pressure is greatly reduced by the chemical THC contained in cannabis.
  17. Depression: When used sparingly, cannabis is effective in reducing the symptoms of depression. Excessive use can however increase the symptoms of depression.
  18. HIV/AIDS: The anti-inflamatory properties of cannabis reduce the symptoms of patients with HIV/AIDS.
  19. ALS: Research has concluded cannabis to be effective in treating ALS.


  20. Anorexia: Cannabis use increases the pleasure of eating, which is found to be effective in the treatment of anorexia.
  21. Aids with weight loss: The use of cannabis increases and regulates metabolism, which can help with weight loss.
  22. Prevents diabetes: The chemicals found in cannabis help control blood sugar levels and metabolism in patients with diabetes.
  23. Treats autism: Research into cannabis and autism has shown positive outcomes in patients.
  24. Aids with alcohol dependency: Since records began there have been no deaths attributed to cannabis use. Alcohol abuse causes 3.3 million deaths globally, per year.
  25. Headaches: Cannabis is an effective, safe substitute for paracetamol and aspirin to combat headaches and migraines.
  26. Certain STDs: Research suggests cannabis is effective in treating certain sexually transmitted diseases.
  27. Eczema: Topical cannabis creams are preferred over smoking cannabis to improve symptoms of eczema.
  28. Regulates OCD: Cannabis offers similar effects to anti-anxiety drugs when treating OCD.
  29. Viagra replacement: Cannabis is thought to be more effective than Viagra for treating ED in some men.
  30. Lowers blood pressure: Research has found cannabis to be effective in reducing blood pressure.


  31. Panic attacks: Similar to the point on anxiety above, cannabis is an effective substitute for over-the-counter medications. However, again, a low THC and high CBD content cannabis must be used.

If you benefit/would benefit from cannabis use for a condition not listed above; contact us and we’ll add it to the list.

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