10 ways cannabis can be used

10 ways cannabis can be used

What are the different ways cannabis can be consumed?

There are many ways in which cannabis can be enjoyed. In this article we discuss the different ways cannabis can be consumed 

Everyone has their preference to which method of consumption suits their desires. Certain strains of cannabis are better suited to different activities. For example, a nice sativa will give you a “buzzy” high which would be ideal when exercising, or if you’re feeling like a day on the sofa under a duvet watching Netflix, a strong indica will get you nicely couch locked.

Cannabis plant

Along with the type of strain you intend to have, you’ll also gain different effects depending on which method you use to consume the cannabis. The three main ways in which you can consume cannabis are by inhaling, edibles or in topical form.

If you ever consume a high quantity of cannabis and feel too high, simply drink or eat something with a high sugar content. This will help you feel less high.


When cannabis was used in ancient times, this method of consumption was widely used. There are many different ways in which you can smoke cannabis;

One of the most popular forms of smoking cannabis is by rolling a joint. Many people enjoy crafting their roll to be either skinny, fat, coned or in some cases as a piece of art .Joints can also be purchased as pre-rolls, or pre-made cones. 

If you want to roll a joint, you’ll need to grind up the Cannabis using a grinder, make a roach/tip and have a rolling paper ready.  A widely used method in Europe is to add tobacco to the mix of ground cannabis, however this is far less common in America and is also not good for your health!

Blunts, also known as backwoods, are a form of a rolling cannabis. Instead of using a rolling paper, a cigar paper (processed tobacco leaf) or a dried tobacco leaf are used to roll.

Pipes and Bongs
Next on the list we have pipes and bongs. A pipe is created by glass blowing. Again you’ll need to grind up the cannabis (however is not necessary to grind it for use in a pipe).  You’ll then need to have the cannabis packed into the end of the pipe, then light the cannabis and inhale the smoke through the pipe. Pipes come in many different shapes and sizes.

Bongs are similar to pipes in the method of use, however are much larger in size and use water to cool the smoke. Bongs are also made by glass blowing, however can be made from plastic and some metal.

Pipe cannabis

A method which seems to be growing in popularity is dabbing. The device, known as an oil rig/dab rig, is fairly similar to a bong however the cannabis bud is not used. Instead concentrates or oils are used. The concentrate/oil (sometimes referred to as glass or shatter) is placed into a heated chamber which vaporizes the concentrate and is inhaled through the device.


Using a hookah/shisha is not a common form of smoking cannabis. Due to the nature of how the hookah/shisha burns, cannabis must be used with tobacco. However if you aren’t a health conscious person, smoking a hookah/shisha as a group is a very chilled experience.


Fruit and Veg
These methods are for one time use/one session use as the fruit will start to decompose and smell if you leave it out after smoking through it, although you could also eat the fruit/veg after smoking through it, but it may taste pretty weird.

A common fruit to use is an apple. Some people can get really crafty with their designs, however the general way to make an apple pipe is to make a hole from the top to around half way down. You then will need to push a hole all the way through the side, meeting the first vertical hole in the middle. The side holes act as the mouthpiece and carb.

This method of consumption is increasing rapidly due to producing minimal harmful effects. Instead of inhaling cannabis/concentrate through combustion, a vaporizer heats the cannabis/concentrate up sufficiently to release the aromas and tastes from the terpenes and the chemicals such as THC and CBD, without releasing any toxins.  This makes vaporizing popular among people who are health conscious.

Vaporizers can look similar to an e-cigarette but can also be purchased as larger products such as a volcano vaporizer. Depending on how the vaporizer is designed, they can be used with either dried buds or concentrates/oils.

e cig

Edibles & Infused drinks

Cannabis edibles produce a much different effect than smoking or vaping. Essentially, you will experience a much more powerful, psychoactive effect which could take around 45 minutes to set in. If it’s your first time trying cannabis and you’re going to eat an edible, BE WARNED it can be a MUCH stronger effect than you expect. Read our word of caution on consuming edibles as a first time user.

Edibles/infused drinks are made by grinding up the cannabis, adding it to a fatty substance like butter or olive oil and heating up the mixture, known as cannabutter.  This releases all of the chemicals in the cannabis. The butter/oil mixture can then be used to make things such as cookies, cakes, bread or simply added to any meal! Here’s a recipe to make cannabutter.

10 ways cannabis can be used

Cannabis can also be used to make tea. For this you’ll need to grind up the cannabis and use a tea strainer.

For cooking recipes which use cannabis as an ingredient, head over to Chef-420. They have tonnes of recipes. Even recipes that are gluten free and for diabetics!


Tinctures are essentially concentrates/oils that are edible. The method of using a tincture is by placing a few drops under the tongue. This is a common use for people who prefer to control their dose and is often used in medical applications. 

Oil Capsules

Oil capsules look similar to  other capsule medicines. The oil contained in the capsule is a concentrate of cannabis. Oil capsules are also often used as a medicine rather than a recreational form of ingesting cannabis.


Cannabis oils are extracted and added to a cream. When applied to the skin, a user will experience local pain relief where the cream is applied without any feeling of being high. This is often used by people who prefer not to use general pain killers such as paracetamol but wish to remain clear headed throughout the day.

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite way to consume your buds! 

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