Where to buy UK CBD buds, vape oils and more

Where to buy UK CBD buds, vape oils and more


  • What is CBD?
  • CBD legality UK
  • Where to buy CBD Buds/CBD flowers
  • Where to buy CBD vape oil
  • Where to buy CBD skincare/healthcare products
  • Where to buy CBD creams and soaps
  • Where to buy CBD pet treats

What is CBD?

CBD is shorthand for Cannabidiol and is one of over one hundred cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not get you high. CBD is thought to be effective in treating a wide variety of  conditions such as epilepsy, inflammation, anxiety, depression, acne and much more. To read more on CBD, check out our guide on CBD

There is also evidence that CBD is effective in treating psychotic disorders and people with drug addictions

Many people prefer using CBD products over normal cannabis as it allows them to carry on a normal routine without feeling high. CBD is used by many as a medicine and a daily food supplement.

CBD legality UK

CBD has been a recognized medicine in the UK since 2016, however there are restrictions when selling CBD products as a medicine – companies which sell medical CBD in the UK must be compliant with MHRA regulations. 

All of the products listed below are food supplements only and are not medical products. Any medical benefits we state in this article are only anecdotal claims from users, not true tested scientific facts. 

CBD products are 100% legal in the United Kingdom. The only product which is considered to be in a grey area are hemp buds. To read more on this, we have an article discussing why hemp buds are considered to be in a grey area.

Where to buy CBD products

Below you can find our top 5 favorites for each type of CBD product.

Where to buy hemp buds/flowers in the UK

Looking to buy CBD buds/hemp buds in the UK? There are a variety of high street and online shops which sell hemp buds in the UK. Users report that hemp buds/hemp flowers relieve anxiety and insomnia. To experience the effects, hemp buds can be used to make tea.

  1. Little Headshop
    Shop at Little Headshop


  2. Hemp Elf
    Shop at Hemp Elf


  3. The Brain box shop 
    Shop at The Brain Box shop


  4. Hemp By Nature
    Shop at Hemp By Nature


  5. Ice Headshop
    Shop at Ice Headshop
Hemp Flower

Where to buy CBD Vape oil in the UK

Prefer vaping over smoking? CBD vape oils are an effective way to consume CBD to experience the health benefits. Reviews of CBD vape oils suggest that they could be effective in treating anxiety, pain and insomnia.

VSAVI Apple CBD oil

Where to buy CBD Capsules/tinctures in the UK

CBD Capsules/tinctures contain pure CBD hemp oil. Capsules and tinctures are a good option if you aim to keep your CBD doses consistent. CBD capsules/tinctures are thought to be possibly effective for general health and well-being, digestion and mental acuteness.

  1. Hemp Botanics
    Shop at Hemp Botanics


  2. Elixinol
    Shop at Elixinol


  3. Healthspan
    Shop at Healthspan


  4. CBD Life UK
    Shop at CBD Life UK


  5. Hemp 2 Wellness
    Shop at Hemp 2 Wellness
CBD Oil Hem2Wellness

Where to buy CBD skincare/healthcare products in the UK

Users of CBD creams claim they could be effective in treating arthritis, acne, eczema and other skin conditions.

Hemp Balm

Where to buy CBD edibles/drinks in the UK

Similar to capsules/tinctures, CBD edibles and drinks are a good option if you aim to keep your CBD doses consistent. CBD edibles include sweets, chocolates, teas and more. CBD edibles and drinks could be effective in treating anxiety and produce a calming effect. However, effects may take up to an hour to be noticed.

  1. Hope CBD
    Shop at Hope CBD

  2. Holistic Hemp Scotland
    Shop at Holistic Hemp Scotland

  3. Ideal CBD
    Shop at Ideal CBD

  4. The Original Alternative
    Shop at The Original Alternative

  5. CBD Edibles UK
    Shop at CBD Edibles UK
CBD Candy

Where to buy CBD pet treats/food in the UK

CBD pet treats can be effective in treating pets with anxiety, restlessness and new pets who are struggling to settle in.

CBD dog treats

We’d love to know what your favorite CBD product is and if you find it to be effective! 

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