Guest posting

Are you a blogger in the cannabis industry? Do you have a passion for cannabis and all of its benefits that you want to share? 

We accept guest blogs/articles on anything relating to the cannabis world.

Send us an email with a proposal of an article you intend to write, just to check if it fits in with our website. We’ll aim to respond to you withing 1 working day.

Points to note:

  • All content must be your own. NO copyrighting from other websites is permitted.
  • All images must be your own.
  • Articles submitted will only be published on the Herbal Bubble website and are not permitted to be published on other websites, including your own.
  • Herbal Bubble editors will vet the article to ensure it fits in with the style of writing on the rest of our website.
  • We may at anytime remove the article from the website if we find it has violated any copyrights.
  • Where applicable, points should be backed up with valid evidence from reputable sources.
  • Only one link may be supplied to your own website in the bio section of the guest article.
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